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MTZ Foundation was established to provide education, health services, and a helping hand to those in need of modern and developing Afghanistan, which is the dream of every Afghan individual..

Founder's Message

From childhood, each of us faced many difficulties. We saw wars, we had to migrate, sometimes we had to sleep hungry, and some lost family members, but we never lost hope. We have seen how our parents helped people and struggled with faith for an enlightened future, and we were taught that anything is possible. Helping those who need and struggling is the legacy of our heirloom civilization. Every day, every Afghan individual wakes up with the dream of a modern and developing Afghanistan with limited means at his disposal. We will continue to work with hope and determination to make our Afghanistan dreams come true. Our young generation, who love their land, flag, and history, have national and spiritual values, and have high morals in the light of their own culture and civilization, will, of course, reach their dreams. Where there is hope, there is a future.
Muhammad Usman Mustafaqul