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Well established company with a professional team , that follows production quality and shipment with a precise process to ensure the best outcome to customers .
We are ambitious to expand globally , increase marketing in different regions around the world and be one of the leading steel companies .
As we aiming to be the best we ensuring to collect the best team to give the excellent results and to meet all the demands and put plans to avoid all kind of difficulties such as Covid situation and its effects on production and shipping , As well as special team for analysing market and give advices to purchasing steel products plans through 12 years data of analyzation and experience , As well as team will be following products from production till reaching to final destination port .
As we try to build a process relaying on the modern technology to complete the task efficiently MTZ steel always try upgrading it system to adapt all changes through time .
MTZ steel monthly exporting thousands of tons to multiple countries and we keep expanding and opening to new markets , As we have heart of pioneer looking to explore even the unknown territories .

Expert team in steel products checking quality of products frequantly at every step .

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