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Room 302-303, Building 1, Shuangchuang Building, 1133 Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu City, zhejinag , China
Phone:+86 579 85300350 Email: [email protected] Site:
AFGHANISTAN Balkh, Meraj Market Room NO. 106 Phone:+93 788 08 5050 Email: [email protected] Site:
Ashgabat – Turkmenistan Phone: Fax: Email: [email protected] Site:
Gökalp Mah. Prof. Dr. Muammer Aksoy Cad. Yıldız İş Hanı 79/7 Zeytinburnu / İstanbul
Phone:+90 5530704555 Email: [email protected] Site:
Al tawas tower abu shagara , Sharjah United Arab Emirates Phone:+97 1558980122 Email: [email protected] Site:
Toshkent Shahri , Yakkasaroy Tumani Shota Rustaveli Ko’chasi, 45 Uy
Phone:+99 897 4222299 Email: [email protected] Site: